We are in constant touch with the most affordable private drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in the UK. We are always monitoring the lowest prices available in the UK. Below is a list of the lowest prices available. All the rehab centres we monitor are CQC Registered and part of NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence)

Special Offer Prices (Only available though the Addiction Helpline)

10 day detox and rehab £2,395 (This prices is only through the Addiction Helpline)

2 weeks detox and rehab £3,250 This is a tailored medical Detox plus rehab.

4 weeks detox and rehab  £5,995 Tailored medical detox plus rehab. Very Limited places.

8 weeks detox and rehab £8,795 This is a tailored medical Detox plus rehab.

12 weeks detox and rehab £9,995 This program covers the full 12 step program

We have many more packages to suit everyone. Please call for details.

I can safely say it has never been more affordable to get the right treatment at the right price. But if the right price is still too much, we can also help with funding. We know the ways to get funding, and the steps you need to go through. I will be honest, it does take a while in most cases, but it is available to those who really want to give up their addiction. Do call us today. We can help you, and whats more, we want to help you.

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