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Fake cocaine (Methylphenidate)

Fake cocaine (Methylphenidate)

Fake cocaine (Methylphenidate)

Fake cocaine, sometimes referred to as “fake coke,” typically refers to a substance that is sold or marketed as cocaine but actually contains other substances, such as methylphenidate or other stimulant drugs. Methylphenidate is a central nervous system stimulant commonly used in medications to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy.

It is important to note that using substances sold as fake cocaine or any illicit drug carries significant risks. The contents and purity of these substances can be highly variable and unpredictable. They may contain other potentially harmful substances, such as adulterants or other drugs, which can increase the risks of adverse effects and health complications.

Methylphenidate itself, when used as prescribed and under medical supervision, can be safe and effective for treating specific conditions. However, using it recreationally or in excessive doses without medical guidance can be dangerous and may lead to various health problems, including cardiovascular issues, anxiety, agitation, paranoia, and dependence.

It is always recommended to avoid the use of illicit drugs and to prioritise your health and safety. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse or seeking help in quitting drug use, I encourage you to reach out to healthcare professionals, addiction treatment centres, or helpline services in your area. They can provide the necessary support, guidance, and resources for addressing substance abuse and promoting recovery.

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