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Hubble bubble (Tobacco)

Hubble bubble (Tobacco)

Hubble bubble (Tobacco)

Hubble bubble is a term often used to refer to a type of water pipe used for smoking tobacco. It is also known as a hookah or shisha. The hubble bubble consists of a glass base, a central stem, and a bowl on top where flavoured tobacco, known as shisha, is placed. The smoke is drawn through a hose attached to the stem and passes through water in the base, cooling and filtering the smoke before it is inhaled.

While hubble bubble or hookah smoking is often perceived as less harmful than cigarette smoking, it still carries health risks. Some of the potential negative effects of hubble bubble smoking include:

  1. Tobacco-related health risks: Smoking tobacco through a hubble bubble exposes users to the harmful effects of tobacco, including nicotine addiction, lung and heart diseases, and an increased risk of various cancers.
  2. Secondhand smoke exposure: Hubble bubble smoking produces secondhand smoke, which can be harmful to those around the smoker, including friends, family, and bystanders.
  3. Infections: Sharing the hubble bubble hose or mouthpiece can increase the risk of spreading infectious diseases such as colds, flu, and even oral infections.
  4. Carbon monoxide exposure: Hubble bubble smoking produces carbon monoxide, a toxic gas that can impair oxygen delivery in the body and have detrimental effects on overall health.

It’s important to be aware of the potential risks associated with hubble bubble smoking and make informed choices regarding tobacco use. If you are concerned about your smoking habits or would like support in quitting tobacco, seeking advice from healthcare professionals or joining smoking cessation programs can be helpful.

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